Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Us is a collection of like minded Homebrewers that happen to like wearing brewing apparel.  We felt that the current market was lacking "Great" homebrewing shirts.  So we created our own.  We wanted to wear a shirt without being labeled directly as a homebrewer.  With that thought, our first shirt was born.  The simple Chinook Hop shirt.  Wearing this shirt to local bars, our clientele started to grow.

The ideas started to grown like the hop bines we all know and love.  Sprouting new and different T-shirt designs, some we offered on this page and others we gave away to friends and family.  Over the course of a couple years we lost the drive to continue this site.  Packing the inventory away in boxes, hoping to get the resurgence back to continue this site.

This December I got the energy to start this site up again.  Plus some positive changes.  We are building a interactive site that lets you build your homebrewing shirts with one click.  Very similar to some of our bigger competitors but with one difference, you will be supporting the Homebrewing Community.  We haven't forgotten our roots either, keeping the modern Homebrewing shirts you have always loved.

Please stay tuned for updates as we build the best Homebrewing shirt community in the world.   We expect to be up and running this April.

To follow our progress, look for twitter updates as we go along..until then Happy Brewing.

                                                                                                          Chris Lewis

                                                                                                          Head HomeBrewingTees Guy

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